Aromatherapy is growing rapidly in interest and with the convenience of the internet today we have a multitude of resources at our fingertips. With anyone being able to share on the subject how do you what you’re reading is valid? Through my lifetime of relationship with essential oils and years of studying Aromatherapy I have gathered the information that you need in order to practice Aromatherapy safely, effectively and efficiently.

This course is designed to expand your knowledge in:

  • The terminology of Aromatherapy and Essential oils
  • Where essential oils come from
  • How to purchase Essential oils
  • Safe dilution and use
  • How to blend Essential oils and make Aromatherapy products
  • The profiles and properties of Essential oils
  • Carrier Oils

In class you will make your own Aromatherapy blend and products to take home.

Investment $120 – Sign up with a friend and you both receive $30 savings


Upcoming dates:

March 10 & 11 11-5 @ Banff Public Library

March 17 & 18 11-5 @ Okotoks Public Library


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