Aromatherapy is a term derived from French cosmetic scientist, René-Maurice Gattefossé's phrase 'aromatherapie' coined in 1938, used to describe the many uses of volatile essential oils extracted from varying plant material. 

Aromatherapy is an intentionally formulated blend of essential oils used to enhance your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and wellbeing - body, mind and spirit. 



Essential oils are highly concentrated and complex substances extracted from the naturally occurring aromatic volatile plant material of a single botanical species. The chemical components of each oil are responsible for the make up of their properties and benefits. 

Due to their concentrated nature, essential oils requires dilution before use on the skin to avoid sensitization. The ways of dilution are limited only by imagination but should comply with the following set of guidelines:

Suggested % Dilutions 
% / ounce of carrier (oil/water/lotion)
1% - 6 drops/oz
2% - 12 drops/oz
4% - 24 drops/oz
5% - 30 drops/oz
Children / Elderly / Pregnant - use less than 1%
Face - 1%
Massage / Lotions - 1-2%
Concentrated use (i.e. sore elbow) - 4-5%
Diffuser - 1% or less 
Bath - <2%
Room spray - 0.5-5% drops/oz
Always take any contraindications of the oil into consideration before use and remember when diluting that LESS IS MORE. 
Aromatherapy is complimentary to conventional medicine, it is not a substitute. In case of serious illness or dis-ease, or if you are pregnant or breast feeding, seek care through your medical professional and consult before using essential oils. 
Store oils in a cool dark place that is out of children's reach. 
Use with care and in-joy 

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