Artisan Apothecary situated in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. All of our products are handcrafted in small batches with therapeutic grade Organic and Wildcrafted essential oils, herbs and carrier oils. Made with Love and pure intention to balance the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Our belief is that Nature provides us with everything we need. Our process includes wildcrafting local native plants and sourcing plants and oils from their Native country worldwide. We create in accordance with the cycles of the moon, use a practice of smudging and attune all products with Reiki energy to ensure that the product you receive is aligned with our intentions of purity. Our mission is to be the bridge to reconnect you with the power of Mother Nature so you can live your everyday in a harmonious.




Cheyenne is the Heart and Soul of Root and Shine.  She is a passionate light worker with a strong desire to promote natural and whole living. Being raised on wholistic beliefs and ideologies she has always been strongly connected to the natural world feeling at home within it. Throughout the years of experience of working in the service industry she learnt of her ability to connect and interact with all walks of life. The love of travel and joyful persona brought forth the opportunity to work internationally for an adventure backpacking company. Not only did this further exemplify her personable attitude, it also opened an awareness and understanding of being an empath. Organically came the passion to help, to heal and to see individuals be the most whole form of themselves. In combining this urge with the already formulated belief in the healing powers of the natural world she began to explore the alternative modalities of healing to compliment the pursuit. The appreciation of Nature and Earth’s offerings founded in early childhood and the journey to align with soul purpose shone a light on the path of learning (remembering) more about the bounty of Mother Nature’s healing capabilities, which includes the inherent healing we as humans have as we are Nature.

With the trust that the Universe provides us with all we need, may we tap into abundance to guide us down our path of complete wellness and reconnect us with our purpose.

I look forward to walking with you along this journey!

Aromatherapy 101 - West Coast Aromatherapy
Clinical Aromatherapy Student - West Coast Aromatherapy
Level 1 Aromatherapy with Jean Channon-Simpson
Chakra Cleansing and Balancing
Usui Reiki Level II
Psychosomatic Therapy Level III

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