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Artisan Apothecary


Our Story

Artisan Apothecary situated in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. All of our products are handcrafted in small batches with therapeutic grade Organic and Wildcrafted essential oils, herbs and carrier oils.

Made with Love and pure intention to balance the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Our belief is that Nature provides us with everything we need. Our process includes wild-crafting local native plants and sourcing plants and oils from their Native country.

We create in accordance with the cycles of the moon, use a practice of smudging and attune all products with Reiki energy to ensure that the product you receive is aligned with our intentions of purity.

Our mission is to be the bridge to reconnect you with the power of Mother Nature so you can live your everyday in harmony.

5 Stars

If you care about your health, and the world around you. This is the perfect company for you, that believes in the same thing too.

They say the secret ingredient to a lot of things in life is love, I know for certain that every product produced by Root & Shine is made with an enormous amount of love, care and intention.

Shayla Bly

These are the best chakra oils I’ve tried yet!!!

Such an amazing vibration and made by such a beautiful soul!! Highly recommended!!.

Beau Goodger

Thank you, Root & Shine for the lovely wellness products I purchased! I'm so excited to use my glorious yoga mat sprat after some sweaty downward dogs, and my helping hands as I lend my own to helping others in nursing school. I can feel the love and energy put into each product and I know that will be shared with me as I use each drop! I am so grateful to have such neat friends, doing such neat things with their lives! xo

Shaye Brianne

My curly mess of hair that seems to cover majority of my face has never felt so soft but also smelt so good! Thanks For keeping me well Manscaped Root & Shine! 

Kordan Joopmans